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forests. Here, he had discovered how they often put their heads askew to look at the brinks of the lake or the river they sailed upon, eagerly commentating. The interpreter told him they looked for "Water Spirits" so he had done likewise and photographed what he saw.

I was now doing the same at an American lake and was awed when I later went through the pictures with a magnifying glass. I found nature’s forms to be an endless, artful invitation to create order and beauty in what is presented.

The delight of these natural Rorschach-tests is that nature simply looks this way; all you have to do is to put your head askew. And you don’t need to go to South America but can start at the nearest stream or lake wherever you are on the globe.

Mirroring is always interesting, especially when you discover that no two people see the same in the pictures. Monsters or the opposite? Or something entirely different?